You need an EPK and We can help!

You need an EPK to succeed in the music business.

Are you tired of getting paid $100 to play for four hours in front of twenty people? We can empathize. We're a group of audio engineers, videographers, photographers, and web designers who love music and we can provide you with all the materials you need to get better gigs that actually pay.

What is an EPK?

An electronic press kit is an online presentation of your music, videos, photos, tour dates, social media links, and press mentions.

Who cares about your EPK?

Promoters, reputable venues, record labels, etc. Anyone who can offer you a serious opportunity will want to see your EPK.

Why invest in an EPK?

The promoters, venues, and/or record labels offering serious opportunities are interested in artists willing to invest in themselves. You take your music seriously, so you need an EPK that can answer those opportunities with tangible proof you're good at what you do.

Invest In Yourself!

A professional EPK pays for itself in 1-2 gigs that you would only get with an EPK. We can put one together for you along with everything you'd need to put in it. We offer three packages to accommodate any budget.


Take a look at some of our work below so you know we're not blowing smoke.


Professional live music videos are the cornerstone of a good EPK. They are a one-take, multi-camera video shoot that showcases your performance in the most honest, organic way possible. Talent scouts, booking agents, and venue managers are more interested in seeing videos of you performing live as opposed to polished studio recordings; why not sound and look your best where the people giving out gigs are looking?


Studio recordings show a talent buyer that you're established as a performing artist. Even after including live video recordings, studio recordings are still important to include in your EPK. If your act has progressed far enough in your home market, there will be a demand from your fans for an EP or album; talent buyers know this. Take a look at our recording facility here.


Promotional photos are important in an EPK. Talent buyers want to know how much you care about your appearance as an act and whether or not that's a good fit for their show/venue. They're also important to have available for talent buyers putting together a flyer and/or social media content to promote their event.


A proper website goes a long way in establishing how serious you are about your music. Your website and your EPK should be one and the same. A strong website includes videos of your live performances, studio recordings, promotional photos, press mentions, social media links, and a schedule of your upcoming shows. Putting everything a talent buyer needs in one accessible, aesthetically-pleasing layout will create less stress for them in hunting down content. This puts you in a better position to be chosen for a gig, regardless of how much or little content you have available. Think of it as an on-line resume for your act. 

Tim Amey Band EPK


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