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Audio In Motion is a live music video production studio based in the Springfield, MO area.

Why Video?

You have mere seconds to capture the attention of the millions of people scrolling Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram; links to audio alone don't pique peoples' interest.

In this day and age, social media is a powerful platform for artists to showcase their work. With video content being so prevalent on Facebook and Instagram, you need top-notch videos to stand out in your market. Artists who aren't investing in music videos aren't being heard!

Our productions aim to showcase who you are as an artist. Audio in Motion is a collective of audio engineers, videographers, and musicians dedicated to capturing music in its rawest, purest form: live. People are seldom moved by music that's manufactured to sell; our services offer an organic spotlight on your music so your listeners can see the real you.

Below are some artists who trusted us to showcase who they are. Each of these music videos were recorded live with only minimal editing.

Midwest Mutts, Springfield, MO. Directed by James Jordan Films, mixed by Dalton "Doc" O'Conner. Filmed by James McCullough.

Teshuah, Springfield, MO. Directed by James Jordan Films, mixed by Dalton "Doc" O'Conner. Filmed by James McCullough and Tyler Wassam.

Laura Ashley, Springfield, MO. Directed and mixed by Dalton "Doc" O'Conner. Filmed by Dalton "Doc" O'Conner, Brock Wade, and Jessica O'Conner.

Audio in Motion house band. Directed, filmed, and mixed by Dalton "Doc" O'Conner.

Which one of these examples of our work did you seek out and click on first? We're sure it was one of the videos. Your fans will do the same.

Like what you're seeing?


Music video and audio Services

"You bring the art, we'll provide the canvas."


Creative Video production

The Creative Video Production package allows you to construct an on-location video of you performing literally anywhere! Our film crew will work with you to achieve the look and feel needed to properly showcase your music. We'll provide the film crew, lighting, mobile audio recording gear, and in-ear monitor setup; all you have to do is perform. This package includes four hours of filming and up to five songs (which can double as a live EP in audio form).

We're willing to travel any where in the continental US to film, just let us know in the contact form below if you plan on filming outside of Springfield, MO and we can discuss the specifics! Extended travel fees may apply.

Studio Video Production 

The Studio Video Production package provides you with a medium on which to capture your music in our creative environment. We'll provide our facility, film crew, lighting, audio recording gear, and in-ear monitor setup; all you have to do is come to the studio and perform! This package includes four hours of filming and up to five songs (which can double as a live EP in audio form).

Live Album Production


The Live Album Production package provides you with top-notch audio recordings of your music, whether that be in a live setting or in our studio. We can record your album anywhere! Our recording process and facility reward a tight, live arrangement. You'll also have access to our house instruments and gear (listed here). Extended travel fees may apply.


We offer lodging and amenities for any project lasting more than one day! Our spacious 'chill room' features accommodations for up to six people with two full size beds and two twin size beds, bunk style. Clean blankets, sheets, and pillows are provided. A full bathroom is available to shower in, an Xbox 360 and vintage Nintendos are provided for entertainment, and a kitchenette is available for use. Feel free to bring anything else you need to feel at home!



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>Payment and Revision Policy

We require a 50% down payment on your invoice to reserve your dates on our calendar. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. The remaining 50% must be paid the day of your shoot. Two revisions are included with the purchase of our services (not including essential technical revisions), each additional revision will cost $50. We accept cash, all major credit cards, and PayPal.

>Mastering Policy

We strongly believe in the benefit of having more than one set of ears working on your music. Because of this, we outsource all of our mastering to trusted partner studios. Mastering is a very nuanced process that cannot be done well by an automated computer program or a shady online company that claims to "do it cheap." You want a skilled professional making sure your music sounds the way it should everywhere you listen to it.

The mastering process is why everything on iTunes, CDs, and Spotify sounds consistent anywhere you listen to it. Mastering costs $30 per song and we handle the "sending off" so you don't have to worry about it. Mastering is relevant to any form of audio recording, whether it be live, for video, or in-studio.

Note: You're more than welcome to use your own mastering engineer, but be sure you mention it when you contact us.

If you have any further questions not covered here, don't hesitate to send us an email! We'll respond to you within 24 hours.

>Liability Policy

If you're using any of our instruments or our studio to film: upon usage of our facilities or gear, you will be required to sign an agreement which simply states "you break it you buy it" in legalese.

If you'd like to take a look at the agreement, you can view it here.