New Music Spotlight: Funk Tank

Here is some new music from Funk Tank, a band from Springfield, MO! The track below is a single from their EP released on August 23, 2017.

Funk Tank is a 70's style funk revival band with some delightful jazz and hip-hop elements sprinkled in. They consist of three vocalists, three percussionists, a keyboardist, a guitarist, a bassist, and a horn section consisting of a trumpet, trombone, and saxophone. Each member has a college education in music and it certainly shows.


Never before in my career of 12 years have I worked with an 11-piece band (live or in the studio). This session was as much a pleasure to work on as it was a challenge. I stayed as close to the 70's as I could in terms of production style; most everything you hear was recorded live and in the same room. The sheer technical skill shown by each member is what enables them to sound as tight as they do; anything less than virtuoso-level proficiency will easily trip up an arrangement like theirs. This "tightness" is one of my favorite things about them. Because of their huge lineup, no one person is always in the spotlight. Funk Tank operates as a single unit and no ego is spotlighted on stage.

Artists like Funk Tank are why I love my town. They symbolize the marriage of education and art that Springfield, MO has to offer. The band genuinely wants to bring "the funk" back to life and there's an entire community supporting it. Our citizens' respect for art and something different is what creates a launch pad for a band like Funk Tank. Groove on, my friends, groove on.