New Music Spotlight: Dillan Cate

Here's some new music from Jonesboro, AR from a man named Dillan Cate! The track below is a single from his upcoming album, "Fuel All The Flames." This EP is set to release Tuesday, August 29, 2017.

I've never seen a country artist produce music that so finely rides the line between pop-country and alt-country. Dillan's music is edgy and "rocky" enough to appeal to a red dirt crowd while remaining just poppy enough to be played on a Top 40 country radio station. It's a true marriage of country and rock without being "country-rock" in the Jason Aldean sense.

(L to R) Keyven Dunn, Dillan Cate, myself, Jay Sheppard

(L to R) Keyven Dunn, Dillan Cate, myself, Jay Sheppard

Dillan's band who appears on this album, Jay Sheppard and Keyven Dunn, are two of the most solid musicians I've ever worked with. Jay plays guitar on the album; he's a professor of music at Arkansas State University. His technical prowess shines on this album. He manages to play just enough to serve the songs while still showing off his chops when the songs calls for it. Keyven laid down bass and drums both with virtuoso level proficiency. Each groove on the album is rock solid and ear-catching thanks to him.

I felt particularly honored to work on this album. Dillan spent an insane amount of money to record this album in Nashville with professional studio musicians before coming to me. He was displeased with how vanilla and "canned" his songs sounded. One of my strengths as an audio engineer is cultivating an atmosphere of creativity. This album is the answer to his discontent; a series of well thought-out songs where each part of the musical arrangement is intentional. I'm a firm believer in taking time to cultivate a sound when it comes to recording an album; I'm glad Dillan brought me his songs to do just that.