New Music Spotlight: Midwest Mutts

Photo: Harrison Palmer

Photo: Harrison Palmer

Here's some great new music from Springfield, MO's own Midwest Mutts! This is the fourth track of their debut EP titled "Youth." This song is reminiscent of something you'd hear on vinyl in the 1970's; three minutes of non-stop, feel-good groove. The Mutts have cultivated a truly unique sound with subtle nods to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and John Mayer's Continuum record. Tobadius is available to stream above, the entire EP is available on iTunes and Spotify!

This EP was a delight to work on from start to finish. I took a live approach to both the tracking and mixing; all the instruments and vocals were recorded in the same room. All the amplifiers you hear are real, the drums were mixed using 1970's-era console and tape machine emulation, and the acoustic guitar used on the EP is a vintage 1967 Alvarez Dove lawsuit model.

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