Meet The Team

Dalton "Doc" O'Conner (Audio Engineer)


Hey! My name is Dalton, but I usually go by Doc. I'm an audio engineer. I specialize in tracking guitars, drums, vocals, and mixing. I'm a musician myself, so excellent quality instruments and vocals are important to me on a personal level.

My career in music grew naturally out of my lifelong love for it. I first began playing guitar in middle school, then I picked up bass and drums in high school. I started learning to record during my freshman year due to a lack of accessible recording studios in my small home town of Poplar Bluff, MO; playing in a punk band isn’t cheap for a suburban kid on a part-time McDonald’s salary. I officially went into business my sophomore year while taking a job working sound at a local music venue. After many phones calls to professionals, blogs, videos, and tedious trial and error, I began to be able to navigate the treacherous waters of audio engineering.

 My high school band, Writing The Epic, circa 2007

My high school band, Writing The Epic, circa 2007

Over the past decade, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a myriad of genres, from traditional country to emotional hardcore and hip hop. I’ve also had the pleasure of mixing front of house for numerous national artists, including Memphis May Fire, A Plea For Purging, For Today, Spoken, Life on Repeat, and Wolves at the Gate. I’ve produced and mixed for clients all over the Midwest and even worked on a tracking/mixing project from England. I’ve also served as an audio engineer and worship leader in multiple churches over the last decade; I’m currently serving at Destiny Church in Republic, MO.

Music is my life and passion and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. If you’re looking for someone who knows music, instruments, tone, and will work hard to see your vision for your art come alive, I’m your guy.


Chris Sewell (Production Assistant)

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I'm Chris Sewell! I'm a production assistant at Audio in Motion. Music has played a huge role in my life; I'm a guitarist, bassist, vocalist, and avid listener. I'm very familiar with how music works in a live setting and I have studio experience. I share the same affection for quality audio as my co-workers; my goal is to assist you by livening up the set with dad jokes and helping you set up for your performance. I look forward to meeting you and hearing what you have to offer my ears!


Aaron Cummings (Artist Liason)


Hello! My name is Aaron Cummings, I help Audio in Motion by connecting artists with the services they need. I'll be the guy you talk to first; I personally walk you through the process of finding a package and price that works for you. Music has always been a major factor in my life; I'm a drummer and I dabble with the guitar and ukulele in my spare time. I have four years of experience working in a recording studio and six years of experience working in a live performance environment. I am a people person, my goal is to give you the best experience you could possibly have seeing your vision come to life!

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